With Fast Trak Lay-Buy you can;
  • Take home your Lay-Buy after paying just 50% of the purchase price.
  • Pay the balance by arrangement.
  • Pay NO INTEREST on the balance owing. Secure your Fast Trak Lay-Buy from as little as 5% deposit or at the descretion of the Manager
Frequently asked Questions from Cash Exchange Finance

1. Once I have entered into the Fast Trak Lay-Buy agreement, can I get a refund if I change my mind?

NO. Like regular Lay-buys, there is NO REFUND given once you enter into the Fast Trak Lay-Buy agreement with the Cash Exchange.

2. Is there any fee involved?

NO. Fast Trak Lay-Buy is a completely "free of charge" service and does not attract fees or interest charges. The exception to this is that if you are in default and the amount owing goes to a collection agency, then that agency can charge a fee for their costs.

3. Does Fast Trak Lay-Buy apply to "Sale" items?

YES. Items already offered at a reduced price can still be purchased with a Fast Trak Lay-Buy agreement. Managers discretion to apply.

4. When do I start making payments?

As part of your Fast Track Lay-Buy agreement, your first payment will be agreed upon with the store Manager and set out as per the lay buy docket.

5. How do I make my Fast Trak Lay-Buy payments?

We prefer you to make your Fast Trak Lay-Buy payments in the store, however, you may pay by agreement with the store Manager.

6. Do my payments have to be regular?

YES. As part of your Fast Trak Lay-Buy agreement, you are required to make payments as stated in the agreement.

7. What happens if I am unable to make a payment?

You can explain your circumstances at the time and we will endeavour to accommodate you if at all possible. If we believe the situation is being abused then we reserve our right to cancel the lay-buy and commence default proceedings.

8. Can I terminate my Fast Trak Lay-Buy?

YES. Provided the goods are still in our possession. However, your deposit and all payments made to that date will be forfeited.

9. Do warranties apply to items I buy?

YES. As specified

10. What if my deposit is 50% or higher?

If your deposit is 50% of the sale price or greater, then you may take your purchase with you, provided the Fast Trak Lay-Buy agreement supplied by the Cash Exchange is correctly filled in and signed.

11. Will I be sent out a statement so I can keep track or my payments?

NO. Any information you require about your Fast Trak Lay-Buy can be obtained by ringing the branch where you made the purchase.

12. I have signed a Direct Debit Agreement (DDR), why don't you simply take the payments from my bank account?

The DDR signed by you is only to be used if you stop making scheduled payments and are in default of the Fast Trak Lay-Buy agreement.

13. Can the Fast Trak Lay-Buy agreement be cancelled by the Cash Exchange?

YES.At the discretion of the store Manager, a Fast Trak Lay-Buy may be cancelled if payments are not made. All monies will be forfeited and goods returned to stock.

14. What action does the store take if I default on my lay-buy and I have possession of the goods?

When you enter into a Fast Trak Lay-Buy agreement you sign a credit application for whatever the residual amount owing on the goods purchased is. Initially we will endeavour to contact you to arrange payment. If this is unsuccessful we may refer your case to a collection agency and note your credit record on the National credit system if you are in default (currently Baycorp Advantage). We also may instruct the collection agency to repossess the goods.

15. What are the consequences of defaulting and having my credit record affected?

As in any situation involving a credit default being recorded against your name, it is the perogative of any future credit provider to review the default and make future credit decisions based on that information. If for any reason you think you may default or have worries about fulfilling your obligations then we strongly suggest you do not enter into this arrangement.